Your Case May Not Be Over After a Trial: Making Ends Meet During an Appeal

By USClaims

Many plaintiffs head into litigation expecting to see a resolution to their case in the first courtroom. All too often, however, the case isn’t over regardless of whether a plaintiff won or lost the first time around.

The losing party in a trial court normally is entitled to appeal the decision. And often, just as in the first round, getting to an appeal court can take years.

These costs and time delays can put a severe financial strain on plaintiffs. Financial assistance may be a good option for someone whose case is being appealed.

Appealing a court case can be a very complex, time-consuming, expensive process. For plaintiffs who won their case at the trial level, an appeal likely will put any judgment in their favor on hold until a decision from an appeals court. Plaintiffs who lost at the trial phase may want to seek an appeal, but it could be a long time before a decision is made, possibly leaving them financially exposed.

The appeal of a trial decision can be a severe financial one-two punch. A judgment could be tied up for years, and plaintiffs may face daily living costs, such as mortgage payments, car payments and utility bills, that they are unable to meet while the case drags on.

Defendants may try to leverage this situation to try to negotiate an unfair settlement of the case. Litigation funding during an appeal can make a critical difference for clients whose financial needs might otherwise force them to settle before a case can mature. Whether a plaintiff won or lost at the trial level, whether the plaintiff or the defendant filed the appeal, financial assistance may be that necessary bridge between the trial court decision and a positive outcome in the plaintiff’s favor.

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