U.S. Claims Open for Business in Illinois

By USClaims

Top-ranked pre-settlement funding company expands its presence in the Midwest.  

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (January 8, 2019) – U.S. Claims recently expanded its presence in the Midwest to include providing financial liquidity solutions in Illinois (www.USClaimsIL.com).  The pre-settlement funding company, established in 1996, has been consistently voted among the best in the nation.  In 2018 alone, U.S. Claims earned first place rankings by the audience of The National Law Journal in several categories including “Best of the Midwest” and “Best Consumer Litigation Funding Provider”.

U.S. Claims now brings that same success to Illinois residents and has begun to offer pre-settlement funding solutions in the state.  Plaintiffs awaiting a lawsuit settlement can now receive cash before their case settles with no out of pocket cost and the transactions are non-recourse to the claimant, do not require a credit check, and – best of all – nothing is owed unless the claim is successful.  For a limited time, the company is offering reduced fees for Illinois residents to celebrate its entry into the state.

“We are committed to our mission of providing essential funds to plaintiffs so their attorneys have the time to pursue fair settlements, and we are excited to expand our footprint in the Midwest by doing business in the Land of Lincoln,” stated Donna Lee Jones, Esq., VP/Executive Director of U.S. Claims.

For more information on U.S. Claims Illinois’ pre-settlement funding solutions, please call (888) 749-0841.

Founded in 1996, U.S. Claims is the longest continuously operating pre-settlement funding firm in the United States. It operates by providing cash to claimants based upon the anticipated proceeds of a legal claim, which cash is repaid only if a case is won. In 2014, the business was acquired by Florida-based specialty finance company DRB Financial Solutions, LLC, a move that has enabled U.S. Claims to assist more customers than ever before.

About USClaims: U.S. Claims (www.USClaims.com) provides litigation funding for plaintiffs, attorneys, and surgeries.  Its flagship offering is providing non-recourse financial support to personal injury victims, some of whom may have suffered catastrophic injuries from defective products, unsafe premises, motor vehicle accidents, and other types of accidents; this financial support provides the injured plaintiff the means to pay bills and endure the often long and arduous litigation process.

About DRB Financial Solutions, LLC: DRB is a leading provider of liquidity solutions for consumers and SMBs.  Consumer liquidity solutions are offered through DRB Capital (structured settlement and annuity cash flows) and USClaims (advances for pending personal injury claims).  DRB serves SMBs through CRG Financial (bankruptcy claims), Producer Advance (commission advances) and Echelon Medical Capital (medical liens).  To learn more, visit www.DRBFinancial.com.