Has a Simple Dental Procedure Gone Awry? USClaims Can Help

By USClaims

WHas a Simple Dental Procedure Gone Awry? USClaims Can Helphen she could no longer bear the pain in her mouth, “Monica” (not a real person) finally took her dentist’s advice and scheduled a root canal. She was thankful for the anesthetic, which made the procedure effectively painless – but she would soon regret its use.

Monica was told that the numbness in her mouth would wear off a few hours after her afternoon appointment, but that wasn’t the case. She went to bed that night still with that “puffy” feeling in her mouth, hoping it would abate by the morning – even if it meant she would have to deal with the lingering pain of the root canal.

That wasn’t the case. The next morning, Monica still felt numb on the side of her mouth and face; her lack of motor control was even causing her to slur her speech and drool. She tried to get an emergency appointment with her dentist but was told “not to worry” and that the numbness would eventually wear off.

By the time she did see her dentist, a week later, Monica’s condition had not improved. It was determined that a nerve had been penetrated when the anesthetic had been administered. Worse, she was told that her affliction might be permanent.

Monica worked in sales, so her ability to speak properly – which was now impaired – could cost her dearly. She filed suit against the dentist, but her claim was taking a long time to work its way through the system.

With her long-term earning potential severely limited, she needed money to meet her basic needs. Her lawyer suggested she contact USClaims for pre-settlement funding.

At USClaims, we don’t offer litigation loans or litigation financing; we offer pre-settlement funding. We purchase a portion of the proceeds of an anticipated court settlement or judgment. That means injured people and their families will never be at financial risk of having to pay back a high-cost loan if their civil suit is unsuccessful. USClaims gets paid only if the plaintiff wins the case or reaches a settlement.

If you’re having trouble meeting your expenses while waiting for a legal settlement or a judgment related to a medical malpractice suit, call USClaims today at 1-877-USCLAIMS.