USClaims October 2014 Newsletter

DRB Financial Solutions and USClaims Close on a Multi-Year Credit Facility

DRB Financial Solutions, LLC and USClaims are pleased to announce that they have closed on a multi-year $50 million credit facility for their litigation finance and tort victims assistance programs.

Darryl Levine, president of USClaims said, “This is a great achievement and shows that the capital markets are supportive of our business. With this facility, we can continue to expand our origination volumes and thereby help more people get through the often tedious process of litigation, particularly when the victim is recovering from a serious injury.”


Litigation Finance Company USClaims Acquired by DRB Financial Solutions

Earlier this year, USClaims was acquired by Florida-based specialty finance company DRB Financial Solutions, LLC, a move that will enable us to assist more customers than ever before.

Existing USClaims customers will notice few changes. Company founder Darryl Levine will continue as president of USClaims and all employees will be retained, ensuring that the funding team at USClaims remains as strong as ever.

The acquisition comes after years of vetting the right financial partner that would allow USClaims to offer assistance to more customers, Levine said.


Keeping Injured Plaintiffs in Their Homes

Most people who seek pre-settlement funding services like those provided by USClaims use the money they receive to stay in their home, whether by paying back rent on an apartment or bringing a past-due mortgage current. The money a plaintiff receives through a pre-settlement funding agreement helps keep a family in their home, with the heat turned on and food on the table.

Keeping Families at Home...

USClaims: Helping David Face Goliath Since 1996

The Biblical story of David & Goliath often is used as a metaphor for small plaintiffs seeking legal redress against a large and powerful defendant such as a multinational corporation. If you’ve been injured by the actions or negligence of a company with enormous financial resources and an army of lawyers at its disposal, you may well feel like David as you begin consulting with your own attorney about how to get Goliath to pay for what happened to you.

David and Goliath...

Lawyers, Make Sure Your Client Can Stay on the Case

In 2014, more litigation funding firms are available to help you pay your bills during your lawsuit than ever before. Each week, more companies announce that they are entering the industry. That makes it increasingly crucial that you understand why litigation funding is important and how the differences between litigation funding providers can impact your chances for success.

Staying on the Case...

USClaims Offers the Best Value in the Pre-Settlement Funding Arena

Choosing a pre-settlement funding provider is one of the more crucial decisions a plaintiff will make in a civil lawsuit. Can your lawsuit funding provider get you the money you need to pay your living expenses, when you need it?

Pre-Settlement Value...

What Pre-Settlement Funding is – and is Not

When a USClaims client who is facing a long and difficult legal battle against a deep-pocketed defendant receives a payment check from us, that client makes no promise to “pay back” USClaims. That’s because pre-settlement funding is properly categorized as a sale of an asset, not a loan.

Defining Pre-Settlement Funding...