USClaims November 2013 Newsletter

USClaims Voted Best Pre-Settlement Financing Company for Fourth Year

USClaims was voted a top service provider by the readers of The Legal Intelligencer in the publication’s “Best of 2013” survey, published Oct. 22. The firm earned the title of top Case Funding Provider, making it the fourth consecutive year that USClaims has placed in the top tier.


Your Case May Not Be Over After a Trial: Making Ends Meet During an Appeal

Many plaintiffs head into litigation expecting to see a resolution to their case in the first courtroom. All too often, however, the case isn’t over regardless of whether a plaintiff won or lost the first time around.

Funding an Appeal...

Keeping Medical Malpractice Cases on Track With Lawsuit Funding

Medical malpractice happens. That’s a reality that we patients, and the medical profession, need to accept. Negligent medical care happens all over the country, all the time.

Funding a Malpractice Case...

Debunking the Biggest Litigation Funding Myth in Four Steps

A lot of misconceptions surround litigation funding, and the biggest one is that it is a loan. However, settlement funding is not a loan. The settlement advance company actually purchases the anticipated proceeds of the case from the plaintiff, meaning the plaintiff is no longer at risk if the case is lost.

Debunking the Myth..

How Litigation Funding Ensures a Fair Outcome

Personal injury and FELA clients often feel like David against the Goliath of the defense, which often has an army of lawyers paid for by their insurance policy to cover lawsuits.

Ensuring a Fair Outcome...