USClaims March 2013 Newsletter

How Settlement Financing Helps Attorneys

By keeping plaintiffs financially secure during long periods of litigation, pre-settlement funding enables personal injury attorneys to diligently fight for a fair outcome. Like their adversaries, plaintiffs are able to withstand prolonged litigation to achieve a favorable result, which in turn allows personal injury lawyers to thoroughly pursue claims to maximize recovery.

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Litigation Settlement Funding Benefits to Litigants and Lawyers

A relative newcomer to the legal services industry, lawsuit settlement funding is gaining acceptance among plaintiffs’ lawyers, who are discovering that settlement financing benefits not only their clients, but themselves. Perhaps the most valuable asset that settlement advances provide to personal injury lawyers and other attorneys is time.

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Settlement Funding: Understanding No-Risk Financing

Resolution of a catastrophic personal injury, class action, mass tort, qui tam or Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) matter often takes several years to achieve. Many clients, particularly those bringing personal injury claims, find themselves unable to meet their financial obligations as they await settlement with their typically well-heeled adversaries. Paying for basic necessities can become an impossible burden, particularly for those claimants who are unable to work. Increasingly, plaintiffs are turning to advance lawsuit funding for financial assistance. Lawsuit advances are not loans: on the contrary, settlement advances provide no-risk financial assistance to litigants, enabling their attorneys to thoroughly pursue claims and maximize recovery.

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