USClaims July 2015 Newsletter

USClaims Sponsors NJAJ Meetings

USClaims is proud to partner with the New Jersey Association for Justice, which brings together many of the most distinguished trial attorneys in the region. Most recently, USClaims helped to sponsor the Evening at the Borgata meeting on June 18, during which Daniel E. Rosner, Esq. was installed as president. Supporting personal injury plaintiffs with pre-settlement funding, and helping personal injury attorneys secure the time they need to see a case through to a fair settlement, is at the heart of everything we do at USClaims.

What You Should Know About Pre-Settlement Funding

“Janie” (not a real person) left the local tavern where she and her husband had been enjoying a night out to return home to relieve the babysitter. A few minutes after she left, the improperly maintained engine of a tanker train full of fuel oil, which had been parked on a slight grade outside of town, failed. The train’s air brakes lost power. The few hand brakes that had been engaged by the engineer were not enough to hold the hundreds of tons of train cars in place. Very slowly — almost imperceptibly, at first — it began to roll.

Train Derailment Victims…

Helping Injured Railroad Workers in FELA Cases

His job with a traveling work crew sometimes took “Dominic” away from home for days or even weeks at a time, but his family accepted that. The railroad paid well and had a competitive benefits package. Some weeks were harder for the family than others, of course, but Dominic was home most weekends. Most of the time, that was enough. Until the week that Dominic didn’t come home at all.

Railroad Workers in FELA Cases…

Making Ends Meet While an Age-Discrimination Case Is Pending

The first time “Ted” was dressed down by his new, younger manager at the large insurance company where he’d worked for 16 years, he wasn’t happy about it, but he mostly shrugged it off as a case of a guy having a bad day. When it started happening every other week, he started to wonder whether something more sinister was going on.

Age-Discrimination Case Is Pending…

Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help Victims of Car Accidents

Even after he completely derailed her life, “Bethany” felt badly for the man who had broadsided her, injuring her in a car accident at the intersection near her office. He didn’t mean to smash into her car. He didn’t mean to put her in the hospital. The fact remained, though, that his decision to drive that day was a bad decision. And that’s why, after consulting with her attorney, Bethany sued him for damages.

Victims of Car Accidents…

USClaims Ready to Assist Amtrak Train Crash Victims

The New York Times reported “a crazy shake, then metal tearing, and chaos.” It sounds like a description of any one of a hundred movie disaster scenes. This was no movie, however. It was what the passengers aboard Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 experienced on the evening of May 12, 2015, as they hurtled through Philadelphia on their way to New York City. The train derailed as it failed to navigate a curve in the tracks, killing eight people and injuring more than 200 others.

Amtrak Train Crash Victims…

Pre-Settlement Funding for Medical Misdiagnosis Cases

Life for “Marcie” is very different than it was just five years ago. Back then, she was married to a highly successful professional. She lived in a beautiful house in a very nice neighborhood. Her kids were happy, healthy, and doing well in high school. Marcie didn’t know it then, but her husband would be dead less than 18 months later and she would be struggling to survive financially, in the wake of the medical error that led to his early death.

Medical Misdiagnosis Cases…

When You Slip, Pre-Settlement Funding Keeps You from Falling Too Far

Staring at spreadsheets and other information on her computer screen was a big part of the job for “Leslie.” Not long after her 43rd birthday, Leslie realized that doing that all day wasn’t as easy as it used to be. She’d always had fantastic vision, but recalled that both her parents had needed reading glasses in their forties. Was it her turn? Instead of getting an answer, Leslie wound up with nearly three years – and counting – of pain and suffering.

Keeps You from Falling Too Far…

Pre-Settlement Funding Levels the Legal Playing Field for Victims of Negligence

As plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits know all too well, the corporations and insurance companies they face in court have very deep pockets. They have the time to wait out a lawsuit and the resources to hire “experts” to attempt to discredit the claims of negligence.

Victims of Negligence…

Don't Let Construction Site Accidents Crush Your Financial Future

The day the pre-settlement funding from USClaims arrived was the first time in a while that “Carl” had felt lucky. He was tired of hearing from friends and family that he was one of the lucky ones. Carl knew that it was true, but it sure didn’t feel that way. It’s hard to feel lucky when you’re in the middle of learning how to walk again.

Construction Site Accidents…