USClaims June 2013 Newsletter

Ethical Considerations Relating to Lawsuit Financing

Lawsuit financing has been steadily gaining acceptance among plaintiffs’ lawyers, state bar associations and the courts. Nevertheless, some attorneys remain leery of this valuable legal service. In short, lawsuit settlement funding – also known as advance lawsuit funding, settlement funding.

Ethical Considerations...

Lawsuit Settlement Funding: American Legal Finance Association Best Practices

Lawsuit settlement funding may have begun as the untamed wilds of legal services, but during the past decade, the lawsuit funding industry has been steadily gaining acceptance among plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Best Practices...

Pre-settlement Funding: Who Bears the Risk of Repayment?

Pre-settlement funding provides no-risk, non-recourse financial assistance for litigants – this means the pre-settlement financing company (USClaims) will recoup its investment if and only if the client’s case concludes with a recovery.

Who Bears the Risk?

Post-Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs

Resolution of a catastrophic personal injury, class action, mass tort, qui tam or Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) matter often takes several years to achieve.

Funding for Plaintiffs...