How to Help Lower the Risk of Public Pool Slip and Fall Accidents

By USClaims

How to Help Lower the Risk of Public Pool Slip & Fall AccidentsIf you’re a child, summer means many things: the ice cream man, trips to the beach, BBQs, and jumping in and out (…and in and out) of the pool. For many families, those long, dog days of summer are often spent at a neighboring public pool. And while the water provides a much-needed cool down on those hot summer afternoons, it’s important to understand the risk that may exist for both the pool owner and your family.

It should come as little to no surprise that if you combine children with water, you often get splashing. And although it can be expected for pool surfaces to become wet, they should not at any time become slippery. Most pool decks, locker room floors, sidewalks, and pool surfaces are constructed using (or coated with) slip-resistant materials in order to prevent such conditions from occurring.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that falls are the most commonly occurring injury in children aged 19 and younger. Some of the more common, resulting injuries that children sustain from slip and fall accidents include scrapes, bruises, fractures, and even head injuries.

Although we don’t always have control over the conditions of the pool and its surrounding area, there are certain safety measures that should be taken by the pool owners (and utilized by the public) to help prevent slip and falls around the pool. According to Mullowneys Law, such preventative measures may include:

  • Clear Away Tripping Hazards
  • Non-Slip Walkways
  • Handrails
  • Fencing
  • Warning Signs
  • No Running

According to Chalik & Chalik, one of the best things you can do for reducing your child’s chance of injury is to teach him or her to be careful in and around the swimming pool. However, public pool owners are always responsible for ensuring that their surfaces are safe when used in the manner upon which they were intended. If you have initiated a slip and fall lawsuit as a result of a negligence, but worry about your ability to keep up with all of your expenses, call USClaims.

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