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No Risk Financing

USClaims is a pre-settlement financing service that specializes in satisfying the immediate financial needs of personal injuryqui tam and FELA litigants with mature legal claims. Lawsuit financing buys attorneys time to get the award amounts their clients deserve.

  • There's never any risk to the lawyer or the client; no recovery means no repayment.
  • Some of the lowest rates in the industry with no hidden fees.
  • Settled claims fees start at as low as 2% per month.

The longest continuously operating litigation funding company in the U.S., at USClaims we believe in high ethical standards, clear terms, and fair repayment for personal injury victims. We are the most knowledgeable, with some of the lowest rates for a pre-settlement financing company in the industry. We are here to help attorneys and personal injury litigants make the right decisions without the inherent pressures of a lengthy personal injury case. An active member of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), USClaims offers Client Award Protection, ensuring that client costs never exceed the value of a settlement.

The bottom line: USClaims helps personal injury clients to pay the bills so their lawyers can fight for a fair outcome.

USClaims News
March 30, 2015
National Law Journal Names USClaims Best Litigation and Law Firm Funding Provider

Pre-settlement funding company ranked No. 1 by readers of American Lawyer Media publication.

October 28, 2014
USClaims Voted Top Legal Funding Company for Fifth Year

Readers of The Legal Intelligencer rank pre-settlement funding company in the top tier as trusted service provider to attorneys and personal injury clients.

August 19, 2014
DRB Financial Solutions and USClaims Close on a Multi-Year Credit Facility

Facility to support the firm’s growth in litigation finance-tort victims’ assistance.

July 23, 2014
Litigation Finance Company USClaims Acquired by DRB Financial Solutions

Acquisition by financing company will allow USClaims to grow and serve more clients.

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From the Blog
September 3, 2015
Workplace Accidents Don’t Have to Ruin Injury Victims Financially, Too

“Juan” was really good at putting up siding. Vinyl siding, wood siding, veneers, even stucco; Juan could hang it quickly and hang it properly. He’d quickly become “the man” for siding at the small construction firm where he had begun working a few weeks earlier. That’s why Juan (not a real person) was part of the two-man crew that the company had assigned that morning to a last-minute, rush siding job that had been called in late the previous afternoon.

August 27, 2015
When Summer Injuries Strike, Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help

“Just one more ride, Mom,” the boy had pleaded. The ride was on the way out of the fairgrounds, and the family had just enough tickets left for the boy and one of his parents. “Jessica” was tired, as she, her husband “James” and their son “Ryan” (not real persons) had been at the fair since the middle of the afternoon. But the ride would take only a few minutes, and there was no point in letting the tickets go to waste.

August 20, 2015
Pre-Settlement Funding Helps Child Accident Victims and Their Families

What was supposed to be a day trip to the beach has turned into a two year (and counting) ordeal for “Alex and Claire Canter” (not real people). They’d gotten the day off, waited for the rush hour to diminish, then set off in their 2010 Honda Accord with their three year old son, “Tyler”, in his safety seat in the back of the car.

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