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No Risk Financing

USClaims is a pre-settlement financing service that specializes in satisfying the immediate financial needs of personal injuryqui tam and FELA litigants with mature legal claims. Lawsuit financing buys attorneys time to get the award amounts their clients deserve.

  • There's never any risk to the lawyer or the client; no recovery means no repayment.
  • Assistance is provided at cost of up to 75% less than other services.
  • Settled claims fees start at as low as 2% per month.

The longest continuously operating litigation funding company in the U.S., at USClaims we believe in high ethical standards, clear terms, and fair repayment for personal injury victims. We are the most knowledgeable and least expensive pre-settlement financing company in the industry. We are here to help attorneys and personal injury litigants make the right decisions without the inherent pressures of a lengthy personal injury case. An active member of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), USClaims offers Client Award Protection, ensuring that client costs never exceed the value of a settlement.

The bottom line: USClaims helps personal injury clients to pay the bills so their lawyers can fight for a fair outcome.

USClaims News
October 28, 2014
USClaims Voted Top Legal Funding Company for Fifth Year

Readers of The Legal Intelligencer rank pre-settlement funding company in the top tier as trusted service provider to attorneys and personal injury clients.

August 19, 2014
DRB Financial Solutions and USClaims Close on a Multi-Year Credit Facility

Facility to support the firm’s growth in litigation finance-tort victims’ assistance.

July 23, 2014
Litigation Finance Company USClaims Acquired by DRB Financial Solutions

Acquisition by financing company will allow USClaims to grow and serve more clients.

June 16, 2014
USClaims Hires Attorney Howard Hopson as Underwriter

Pre-settlement financing company adds skilled litigator to experienced team of underwriters.

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From the Blog
February 26, 2015
Paying Living Expenses During an Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

No one expects to become embroiled in an employment discrimination case - especially if they had had a positive experience at work in the months and years before that. With your attorney’s help, USClaims will assess your application for pre-settlement funding. If we approve your application, you may receive your pre-settlement funds within days.

February 19, 2015
When An Unsafe Workplace Destroys Your Earning Power, USClaims Steps In

Everybody knew the construction job site was unsafe, but nobody talked about it. Tight deadlines coupled with fast and loose management practices kept your and your fellow workers’ concerns from reaching the company brass. When the inevitable workplace accident happened, it happened to you. Let us help relieve the burden. Call USCLAIMS today.

February 12, 2015
Preserving Plaintiffs’ Pride with Pre-Settlement Funding

On this blog, we have explored some of the many scenarios that might lead you or someone you know to seek out pre-settlement funding. A motor vehicle accident, workplace injury, botched medical procedure, or other trauma can destroy your health, end your career, and strain the bonds that keep your family together, not to mention your finances. One of the most grievous wounds caused by severe injury or disability, however, also is one that few people talk about: your pride.

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